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Modern solution
ModuHomes is a manufacturer and supplier of modular homes in Europe. We have successfully completed over 50 projects, gaining extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing modular homes. Our company is committed to delivering excellent quality and service to our clients, enabling them to have their own modular home at an affordable price with all the necessary amenities.
Our houses – for any climate
Mounted frameless double-glazed windows
Decorative rail (thermowood)
Facade fold finish
Mounting rail
Wooden frame (150x40 mm)
Windproof membrane
Facade mineral wool insulation (150 mm)
Vapor barrier film
OSB plate (10 mm)
Drywall moisture-resistant sheet (12.5 mm)
Vinyl wallpaper for painting
PVC roofing membrane
Vapor barrier film
Mounting rail
Stretch ceiling
Wooden logs
Mineral wool insulation
OSB plate
Wooden logs (200x40 mm)
Windproof membrane
Metal sheet
Mineral wool insulation (200 mm)
OSB plate (22 mm)
Infrared warm floor (film)
Liner laminate sheets
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