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Modular houses
ModuHomes - your home anywhere
We create energy-efficient homes that meet your needs and desires.
Your new and modern life in your own modular home
Bring your ideas to life with us. Get a reliable home of your dreams quickly and easily.
Small homes, up to 35 m2
Large houses with panoramic windows
Houses with all amenities from 35 to 100 m2
Own modern sauna for up to 16 m2
Why do clients trust ModuHomes?
Because they trust us with their most valuable asset - their dreams, and we always bring them to life.
Each member of our team has designed and installed over 50 homes across Europe.

Our buildings are durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Lead time from order to installation - from 1 to 3 months.
Leave your phone number and our expert will answer all your questions
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Our Key Advantages
A modular home can be fully equipped and decorated. All utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage can be connected to the house right away.
Turnkey Production
ModuHomes' modular buildings can be transported and installed repeatedly, even in the most challenging locations, using a manipulator, within the shortest timeframes.
Together with our designers, we offer turnkey solutions. However, if you have individual preferences, our modular building systems allow for customization to meet each client's requirements. Our clients receive exactly what they expect.
Custom Design
We manufacture ready-made modular buildings to Universal standards, allowing them to be installed in any climate zone. We adhere to the highest construction standards, which is reflected in the quality of our modular homes.
Universal Standards
Professional Standards
Collaborating with us involves carefully planned stages, ensuring that the client receives a ready-to-move-in building, saving their own time and effort.
We sell our product according to the following stages:
Receiving Customer Inquiry
We receive an inquiry from you and then contact you for a briefing to offer you the best solution.
Project Calculation
We calculate the project based on your request.
We coordinate with you on the project, scope of work, payment terms, delivery time, and installation.
We deliver your modular home.
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